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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Optimization for Planning and Scheduling

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CD Laboratory - Artis

The aim of this CD Laboratory is to develop innovative problem-solving techniques for planning and scheduling, based on synergies between artificial intelligence and optimization.

A wide variety of areas are beset by planning and scheduling problems. Real-life problems in domains as diverse as health care, production and education are frequently very challenging and their solutions impact the people involved as well as the efficiency and organizational cost of operations. Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence and optimization have been expending considerable efforts on addressing planning and scheduling problems. Methods that have been applied include exact methods, heuristic techniques, approximation algorithms and simple greedy algorithms. The research has recently gained importance due to the need for complete automation in industrial applications (i.e.~Industry 4.0). In addition, new domains provide challenging problems that cannot be optimally solved due to the tremendous size of the search space of possible solutions.

In this CD Laboratory are developed new methods based on hybridization of artificial intelligence and optimization methods. Machine learning techniques are used for automated selection of algorithms and for algorithm design. The new techniques are applied to the challenging large-scale planning and scheduling problems of our industrial partners. The project makes important contributions to basic research in the areas of problem solving and optimization. It also contributes to the automation of planning and scheduling problems in several practical areas.

The opening of the CD Lab took place in May 2018:

The CD Laboratory ARTIS is located at the TU Wien and is supported by:

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